We Buy Gold, Silver, Jewelry & Coins

Sell your unwanted, broken or estate jewelry and coins. You earn cash based on current market value of the metal and its weight.


Broken necklace, chain, loose diamond or dead watch battery? We have it covered. Bring you precious items in for quick and inexpensive repairs or replacement.

Free Appraisals

We offer free estimates on your coin collections, gold, silver and jewelry. No obligation! Get an honest value of your assets.


Looking for Gold Bars or Gold Coins?

As a wholesaler of precious metals, we also have access to gold bars and gold and silver coins to grow your collection. Be sure to call ahead so can plan to have the inventory on site.

We Treat You Fairly

We are grateful you chose our store! You chose to help us grow our local, family-owned business. In an effort to do good, sound business, you can expect friendly exchanges with our store managers. When handling your precious metals and jewelry, we want you to be comfortable during all aspects of the transaction.


Get a Free, Honest Appraisal

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